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Originator Studios is a versatile space

See what's possible

Video production

Rent our studio by the day or half day for interviews, music videos, short films, etc.

Group VR Arcade

Enjoy the latest VR games with others by the hour.  It's the future.

Photography Studio

A perfect space for modeling and product photography.


Video Production


Whether you need a small interview in front of a white background, or a full set build in front of a green cyclorama wall, anything is possible. Our sound proofing and quiet AC are a sound tech's best friend.  Keep your set clear with our lighting grid that lowers down to ground level. 


group vr gaming

Think of it as a the new karaoke room. Oh yeah, and it's always BYOB.

Enjoy the latest VR games by the hour. Whether it's with friends or for a company gathering, our studio is a perfect space for room-scale VR games.

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Originator Studios is a great place for photography sessions and offers plenty of space to do so! The Cyclorama can be painted any color to fit your vision.  Contact us for a quote!

  • Product shots
  • Fashion
  • Design photos
  • Food photography

The Studio

Our 800 ft² shooting stage is composed of two hard cyclorama walls under a 16' ceiling, and features:

  • Conference room/flex space
  • Upstairs make-up/viewing room
  • Additional lights, stands, grip equipment & expendables
  • Six Kino Flo 4x4 banks for cyc lighting
  • 5-ton capacity welded grid that raises & lowers
  • Acoustically-treated walls
  • 10x10 double doors for easy load-in
  • Dedicated kitchen/craft services area

Contact us. Let's make something original.

(512)  263 - 0754

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