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live Virtual reality art creation and gallery

Nov 10 & 11 // 11a - 6p

We’re hosting our 3rd annual VR Tilt Brush Competition for the 2018 East Austin Studio Tour. 7 artists will each have 2 hours to create a unique 3D piece in Tilt Brush. Come watch them create and try out VR for yourself!

Nov. 17 // 7-10p

Tour each artist’s work in our VR art gallery and vote on your favorite piece. The winning artist receives $300!


718 Northwestern Ave.
Austin, TX 78702

the vr art is live!

The artists made some incredible creations this weekend, and now it’s time to explore!*

Keep in mind that you’re viewing 2D renderings of 3D creations. We highly recommend coming to our viewing party Saturday to view each piece in VR to get the full experience. There’s just nothing like being completely immersed in each of these worlds as the artist intended.

how to view

You can scroll with your mouse or arrow keys to explore - just click on each picture to start, and hit ESC to move on. Zoom in, zoom out, and be sure to look inside of things - you never know what you’ll find!

Vote on your fav, and come to the viewing party on Saturday. Happy exploring!

*Sometimes Google Poly won’t work if your browser hasn’t been updated. Update or try a different browser if you get an error message.