@ Originator : "Forever" - Shy Beast

“Forever”, the music video from local Austin band Shy Beast, is just one of the many projects that has been shot at Originator. The first half of the video features band leader and singer Mariclaire Glaeser conjuring delicate animated flairs with her dancerly movements. The lyrics, the motions, and the art all tie together perfectly. The second half of the video gets more of an edge with the introduction of the rest of the band. Viewers get a taste of Shy Beast’s live energy as they perform the second half of the song.

So what about the director? Well, he’s hiding in plain sight. He’s the guitarist to the left of Mariclaire. More than just a musician, Andrew Bennett and his wife Dorothy are making a name for themselves as a creative powerhouse.

Inspired by the strong lyrical imagery of the song, Bennett pitched the idea for the video to the band. Dorothy provided the animation, working with Mariclaire to choreograph a complimentary performance that blended art and dance.

“Mariclaire and I had discussed our love of animated films, and the detailed art in them, and so I took that inspiration to create the graphics,” Dorothy says. “Mariclaire is also an amazing modern dancer, and so I was inspired by her way of expressing herself through movement, and wanted what I created to interact with what she brought. I also just enjoy Mariclaire's taste in film and art, and so enjoyed vibing with that for the project.”

Bennett, in addition to being a filmmaker, is a music veteran. He started playing guitar when he was 8 and played in bands all throughout high school. He moved to Austin for its vibrant music scene in 2010 and Shy Beast came to be in 2014.

“I think for every artist, you have to be a part of a scene,” Bennett says. “It can be any kind of scene, but you have to commit to it and show up for it. For me, it's the Austin music scene.”

He was constantly surrounded by music and going to shows as it was, so he bought a 50mm lens for his Canon Rebel and was instantly hooked on film. He started snapping live performances all around Austin in the scene that he loved so dearly.


What allowed Bennett to turn a passion for photography into a multimedia business can be boiled down to one concept: the art of the sale. He contributes part of his success to knowing how to sell people on an idea.

“It takes a salesmanship to convince people that a crazy idea will work,” Bennett says. “As a business owner, and a creative, I now constantly see where art and sales merge.”

Art and sales merged with the inception of Bennett Creative. Riding the momentum that the title of 2017’s Best Live Music Photographer in Austin gave him, he started this creative enterprise with wife and creative partner Dorothy. She also recently directed a music video for Jane Ellen Bryant, “Too Smooth” (also shot at Originator!). Since then, the happy couple have collaborated on music videos and other creative projects, with their sights set on completing an independent feature film.

“I feel like I've cheated the system, working with the person I'm married to and enjoying it,” Dorothy says. “There's a lot of sitting at the kitchen table, editing on two laptops, and it's kind of the best life.”

“It's hard to beat the quality of life (in Austin),” Bennett says. “Sure it's expensive and there's terrible traffic, but I spend a lot of time in L.A. and NYC and I always love coming home to tacos, Barton Springs, & good concert venues.”

Indeed, for a creative couple with a passion for music pumping through their veins and a drive that sets them apart from the rest, there’s no better place to be than Austin, Texas.