Betomaniac: How our video went viral

We recently posted a video in collaboration with Esther’s Follies cast. It was based on an act that was very well received by nightly audiences at the iconic Esther’s Follies, a local music, comedy & magic theater in the heart of downtown Austin.

The video was a blast to make, the cast was amazing, and the video ended up shedding a fun, musical light on the Texas Senate Race on what has been a pretty ugly scene.

After tons of shares, comments, and reposts, the video has at least 2 million views and counting.

The comments swung hard to the left and the right. Some swung directly at us! Some of our favorite harsh browns came from Ted Cruz sharing the video on Twitter! But, the coolest comments were from Beto himself:



Beto, whether you win or lose, we think you’re pretty awesome too.

As for Mr. Ted Cruz, well he didn’t like our video so much.


….and here was our response.

Origintor Twitter Response to Ted Cruz.png

The video also spread like wild fire on right-wing websites and racked up tons of really angry comments. This brings us to the initial point of the video: It’s ok to have fun with politics. We’ve gotten so stubborn in our beliefs with the burning desire to change other people’s minds, that we resort to lashing out.

This is one reason we make it a point to visit Esther’s Follies a few times a year. There’s always something absolutely ridiculous in politics that is waiting to be made into a hilarious sketch or musical gem, and Esther’s nails it every time.

We also had some amazing help from one of our amazing partners, Wise Visuals on post animation. Thanks Jon!

In the end, the most important takeaway is to take the time to vote. It may not be as fun as this video is, but it’s a lot more important. Please, just do some research, and go vote.

-Originator Team