BlytzPay : High Quality With a Touch of Comedy

We love when we get to flex our creative muscles and let our personalities come out in the work. We teamed up with Blytzpay to create their first spot for web as their product launched: an app that lets you text to pay. Their marketing team gave us creative freedom and it was music to our ears.

High quality with a touch of comedy: its our wheelhouse. The concept our client wanted was simple. Demonstrate how the app makes life easier for its users in a real life situation. To show this effectively, we chose to create dual realities with and without the app. We used the same actors and location, and designed two completely different styles to portray which realm the audience was watching.

Originator Studios Blytzpay1.jpg

The setting is live music at a bar, and we open on the owner as the show is about to start. The first scenario shows a mishap right before the band starts to play: the bar owner forgot to pay the electric and the lights suddenly switch off. The crowd gets restless as the owner shuffles through bills to find the right one.

Originator Studios on set for BlytzPay

Cut to a world with BlytzPay, and the look has changed. The bar owner quickly pay his bill on his phone in time to be in the audience as the band starts to play. Everything goes off without a hitch and the crowd rocks out to a great show.

We achieved the looks of the two realities by changing the story and the feel of the set. We created two different bands for each scenario, complete with costuming and poster changes in the venue. In our first scene without BlytzPay, we introduce Caturday Afternoon: a dorky jazz band wearing matching polo shirts and oversized khakis. We wardrobed our cast of 20 extras in business casual and made our bar owner look as cheesy as possible. We used cool tones to light the set, creating a more casual day show look.

Originator Studios BlytzPay

For the second scene we designed it to look like a show you might actually want to go to. This time, a heavy metal band called Kitten Sweat takes the stage. Our bar manager’s look is relaxed and chill, the extras wear black/metal wardrobe pieces, and we lit the entire set red for a late night bar vibe. We threw in a crowd surfing scene for good measure, and an unexpected twist towards the end.

We had so much fun creating this spot from start to finish and love that the Blytz team was on board for our creative shenanigans. Watch the entire thing here!

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