SEAMLESS : Aimee Bobruk

Here at Originator we love local music, and living in the live music capital of the world we tend to run into talented people. One of those people is Aimee Bobruk, an independent musician, songwriter, and topliner based in Austin, Texas & Copenhagen, Denmark. 

We took this opportunity to begin a unique music video series that showcases great local music with a simple and intimate visual style. 


Aimee's distinctly smooth vocals immediately drew us in, and paired perfectly with our fluent, wandering camera style.

On her latest album /ba.'brook/, Bobruk chooses to collaborate with producer/bassist Brian Beattie and drummer Dony Wynn; two musicians whose perspectives to music-making are refreshingly untraditional.  Derek Morris is the incredibly talented and versatile keyboardist who introduced us to Aimee when he heard about the concept. 

We recorded 3 of Aimee's songs in hopes that we would get one great video, but we couldn't pick just one.  Check out the SEAMLESS playlist to view them all.

The music was live-mixed and recorded by Austin-based musician and producer Mark Vazquez.  The series was produced and edited by our own Matthew Pearson.

We had a blast with Aimee and her crew and are proud to release all three videos as a series. We have more to come, but are actively seeking funding for more! Please subscribe to our youtube or mailing list to be an important part of Seamless.

Aimee's crew and Originator crew

Aimee's crew and Originator crew

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