@ Originator : "Too Smooth" - Jane Ellen Bryant

Originator Studios - Bennett Creative - Jane Ellen Bryant Too Smooth

A while back, the walls of the Originator studio went from their classic green to a baby blue to back again in a matter of days. Director Dorothy Bennett needed just the right backdrop for “Too Smooth”, the latest music video from Jane Ellen Bryant.

If Bennett sounds familiar, it’s because she was also featured in the article for Shy Beast’s “Forever” video, alongside her husband and creative partner Andrew (eagle-eyed viewers will spot Andrew as the cabana boy in the video!). For her latest project, Bennett brought together music, fashion photography, and film, all creative passions of hers.

“I always wanted to be a creative in some area, and depending on the community I was in at the moment, that creative direction would unfold in a certain way,” Bennett says. “When I was in school, I loved studying critics and novelists, and so put a lot of creative energy into literature and writing. Now, being in Austin, there's a huge community around film and the visual arts that I am thriving off of, and it's helped me hone in on film and video, as sort of the perfect conglomerate of literature, photography, visual art…”

Bennett also has experience as a fashion photographer. Several of the shots are styled in a way that shows off her prior experience in that field. Leia Goodpaster is responsible for styling Bryant’s outfits and props.

The video was originally supposed to be a series of (mostly) still images that the song would flow through, but the end product has more flair. Keeping with the spirit of Bryant, Bennett added lots of creative flourishes. She even put in a nod to other local bands by featuring the lead singers of Shy Beast, Dossey, and Go Fever as the quirky chorus backing up Bryant’s vocals.

Originator Studios - Bennett Creative - Jane Ellen Bryant Too Smooth

“It was a great experience to direct with so many other creative personalities who could hear the idea and then perform it to the best level,” Bennett says.

Much like her other projects with Bennett Creative, “Too Smooth” was a collaborative effort, combining the talents of many people in addition to blending different types of art.